An archy is as bad as any.

-there’s no archy like Anarchy.


When the being is defined by the having.

An artistic word salad accompanied with a side of humorous imagery: The Book of Capitalism (an unfinished work in progress) on what is and isn’t anarchy.


AAA kitty

Apolitical as in apathetic and/or even antipathetic towards politics and political affiliations … so obviously heavily biased against them and theirs.

The criticism of politicians and their supporters is an essential and necessary chore in the struggle to maintain and restore anarchy that can too easily become a futile exercise and a counterproductive waste of time, although avoiding and altogether ignoring the attention whores can be equally if not even more so harmful to the edification of political anarchy and its institutions in their establishment than … Seriously. Fuck politics and everything it’s an adjective of.

Atheist as in next question. Absently and indifferently irreligious, uncaring, profoundly disinterested even, whether it be organized, improvised, personal and individually fitted and customized, or satirical. Tolerance for spiritual discourse, pseudo-scientific psycho babble or otherwise, is low.

Respect is a given. It’s to be taken as it’s granted. The person giving has none left for those who don’t return it,
and there is no worthy gain in offering it to those who show contempt and signs that they would only despise it.
Interesting people are interesting no matter where they come from. This paragraph is not. Fuck this topic.

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